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Mark Gracey

Nice one! You've made it to the personal website of Mark Gracey, a Dorset based digital consultant. I started my own business back in June 2014, called Flavourfy Digital (although it was only called Flavourfy back then) helping business owners make use of the Internet to grow and nurture their business - this can be anything from building a website, carrying out SEO or providing advice and guidance on cyber-security and data protection to full blown digital marketing strategies.

Anyway, I felt I wanted to try and document some of my 20+ years experience somewhere online, not least of all to act as an aide-memoir of what I've achieved but also to be able to show the breadth of my experience is much wider than how to build WordPress websites or use social media. And so you have found that place - enjoy!

So, thanks for getting this far. I hope you'll read on and I hope you'll find something here of interest. Oh, and make sure you follow me online - you'll find me on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+